Prof. Marek Jutel

EAACI, the European Academy of Allergy and Immunological Disease.

Prof. Jutel is the current President of EAACI, the European Academy of Allergy and Immunological Disease. He is a Doctor of medicine, specialist in internal medicine, immunology and microbiology. Since 2008, he has been Head of the Department of Clinical Immunology at the Medical University of Wrocław. During 1994-1998 he was associate professor at the Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine and Allergology, and in 1998-2008 full professor. Since 2009 he is a member of the Executive Committee of EAACI. On June 3rd 2019, he was elected President.

Prof. Jutel is the author of numerous scientific publications, incl. in the journal Nature, mainly in the field of antigen and allergen tolerance mechanisms and specific immunotherapy. He participated in the development of numerous expert recommendations on allergy and immunotherapy published by Polish and international scientific societies (including the Polish Society of Allergology). He is a pioneer of research on the use of recombinant allergens in the treatment of allergic diseases.