Allergy and Respiratory Patients Digital Conference

Patient-centred care through innovation and digitalisation
23 - 24 October 2020

A patients’ driven conference

The Allergy and Respiratory Patients’ Digital Conference 2020 will feature in-depth presentations about digitalisation and innovation, to discuss their untapped potential to empower allergy and respiratory patients and improve healthcare outcomes.
During the Conference, speakers and participants will engage in insightful discussions on how digitalisation and the latest innovations can improve diagnosis and treatment, and ultimately better prevent the onset of allergy and respiratory diseases.
Friday 23 October: Conference open to the public.
Keynote speakers and experts will discuss how current ground-breaking innovations and digital tools will impact allergy and respiratory patients' lives, as well as how patients would be in control of their digital health and care.
Saturday 24 October: Capacity building session reserved to Allergy and Respiratory organisations and individual patients.
Thematic workshops exclusively for EFA members, patients associations, individual patients and caregivers with the aim of providing new skills and capacity on digital health literacy and to understand global challenges that the allergy and respiratory communities are facing.

Why the conference

EFA is the European voice for over 200 million people living with allergies and airway diseases.
We believe that digitalisation can play an important role in shifting healthcare systems from treating diseases to provide patient-centred care. 
However, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the news with the many challenges the different European healthcare systems encounter to embrace digital health, and proposing functional digital solutions for people with chronic diseases.

Join the 2020 EFA Allergy and Respiratory Patients’ Digital Conference to:
  • Discover the latest research findings to improve allergy and respiratory health
  • Understand the patients perspective on what digital tools and services could improve allergy, asthma and COPD care, and the future regulatory challenges of digital health
  • Strengthen your digital health skills to become an e-Patient, informed and empowered


Friday, 23 October
 open to the public (FREE)

The conference will be broadcasted from Brussels, connecting experts and patients all over Europe.

  • Aim of the session

    Introduce the event and the main topic Address the following questions:

    • How digitalisation evolved during the COVID pandemic?
    • How this evolution impacted patients’ lives and what does it mean for patients future?

    • Understanding how disrupted biological processes cause disease at a molecular level – Identification of biomarkers.
    • What do we know about the role of the microbiome in respiratory and allergy medicine?
    • Incorporating the human exposome into precision medicine: a powerful approach for evaluating environmental exposures and their influences in human disease.
    Q&A with the audience

    Aim of the session
    • What do these innovations mean for patients?
    • How can these innovations be applied in clinical practice?
    • How can patients’ involvement improve these research outcomes?

  • Q&A with the audience

    Aim of the session
    • How can digitalisation in healthcare settings improve patient experience?
    • How can digital health technologies be integrated successfully in health systems and what does it mean for patients?

      • Examples and best practices of initiatives and projects aiming at making patients comfortable and safe in sharing their health data.

      Q&A with the audience

      Aim of the session
      • What are the opportunities and challenges of digital health for patients, from an ethical perspective?


    Saturday, 24 October
    Trainings and Workshops 

    The conference will be broadcasted from Brussels, connecting experts and patients all over Europe.

      • Identify the needs of patients in the digital environment.
      • How to fully participate at medical care through digital tools?

      Aim of the session
      • How to become a digital, empowered and engaged patient?

      • What services should be provided? 
      • What platform should be used? 
      • Members Best Practices: Challenges and Opportunities, experience during the COVID time.

      Aim of the session
      • How to become fully operational in digital settings? 

      • Getting familiar with the GDPR regulation and the implication for health data.
      • Members’ stories: Challenges and Opportunities.

      Aim of the session
      • How to build confidence on sharing data and using digital app for healthcare, ensuring Privacy protection in data collection, storage and usage?

    • Aim of the session
      • Understand, identify and prioritise together the benefit of digitalisation in prevention, care and management of allergy, asthma and COPD patients.  

      • Understand together the meaning of the EU Health Data Space, its potential for patients, and how patients can influence the public debate, to become more empowered.
      Aim of the session
      • Identify the Patients Priorities to be addressed in the upcoming consultation on EU Health dataspace

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